Corrections in the media

BBC correction (January 19, 2022 article) “Children’s Commissioner Dame Rachel de Souza told BBC Woman’s Hour that between 80,000 and 100,000 children were not on any school rolls at all.” ‘The Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England subsequently confirmed that Dame Rachel misspoke and that this figure actually relates to the number of children who were persistently absent from school in autumn 2020, following the first Covid-19 lockdown. They also confirmed that the number of children not on school rolls is unknown and so we have updated our article.


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February 2022 Schools Week, Professor of literacy, UCL Institute of Education: Do ‘ghost children’ exist and what can we do about them?

February 2022, Harriet Seargeant, The tragedy of Covid’s 100,000 ‘ghost children’ will make those who demanded never-ending lockdowns hang their privileged heads in shame

February 2022 BBC Finding the ‘ghost children’ missing from Britain’s classrooms The World at One Highlights: Where are the 100,000 children missing from full-time education since the pandemic began?

January 2022 Schools Week, Freddie Whittaker DfE trialling ‘real-time’ attendance tracker to cut absences

December 2021 Daily Mail, Claire Ellicott 100,000 ‘ghost children’ are at risk of abuse after failing to return to school following Covid lockdown, MP (Robert Halfon) warns

December 2021 The Observer, Michael Savage Hunt launched to find ‘ghost children’ missing from schools in England

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March 2021 Institute of Fiscal Studies Two-thirds of parents concerned about lost learning – and want policies to promote children’s well-being as well as to catch up on education